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“Love…So Many People Use Your Name In Vain.”

I’m always wary when I hear the word ‘love’ thrown around these days. People love their new car. They love tv shows. They love their pets. I don’t think it’s wrong to say those things, I simply believe that there are varying degrees with which we can like something or someone.

Those feelings can be split into all kinds of emotions: enjoyment, appreciation, affection, respect, etc, all of which can sometimes be substituted with the word love due to time constraints or incorrect use of the English language. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just easier to do. ‘Love ya girl!’, ‘I love this song’ being perfect examples. 


(photo: Fidel Amos)

(photo: Fidel Amos)

Even with all the in-vain ‘love’ usage, I thoroughly enjoy when I happen upon true love randomly. It doesn’t need boisterous words. It doesn’t need to be scripted, planned or pondered.

It simply IS.

– F

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