My Story

Son of an African-American father and Italian mother.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, but spent my toddler years in Los Angeles, Kansas, and here and there across the United States (compliments of being in a Military family).

My elementary school years were enjoyed in Germany, followed by middle school and the beginning of high school in Italy. The end of high school I finished in Kansas however, where I later attended college at Kansas State University. Attempting to finish a double major in Public Relations & Theater + a double minor in Theater & Women’s Studies + a B.A. in Italian = me dropping out of school completely confused after 3 years because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

2001 brought many new changes for me, not only the birth of my beautiful daughter, but also the decision to move to New York City to pursue acting, writing and every other form of “The Arts” I could get my hands on. Along with the hunger for “all things artistic” came the desire to make photography a major part of my life. Although it had always been a hobby of mine, it became my profession in 2006.

I lived in the Big Apple until December of 2014, when I decided to move to Italy to “get a different perspective” on things. I’m currently based in Verona full-time…interrupted only by flights to NYC to visit family or trips abroad to shoot for clients. Like many other photographers, I have a second job (teaching English), which is my “bread” during the day. Photography and documentary/short film-making continue to be my “butter” the rest of the time. My free hours are spent editing, socializing, video-gaming and generally doing all I can to live life to the fullest.

ALL of this, delightfully, influences my writing.