My Videos

Over the years I’ve created (and have collaborated on) a multitude of videos for private clients and media organizations…

…live footage of politically motivated events…

…promotional videos…

…controversial footage…

…video game trailers…

…live sporting events…

…wedding videos…

…music videos…

…and documentaries.

Most are paid projects, but some I do simply for the fun of it!

Weapons of Choice

“Final Cut, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere.”

3 responses to “My Videos

  1. “Thanks gang, I’m gonna keep ’em coming!”

    – F


  2. Mamma Amos

    They are all great, continue doing them, and offer your services to weddings, birthdays, etc. etc.
    I wish I had one from my wedding!

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  3. I love the videos man. We need to collab on a short soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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