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“Gaia, Roy, And The Challenge…”

In the past, I’ve shot couples that were comfortable in front of my lens because they were intimate, and I’ve shot models that were portraying couples that were intimate.


(Photo: Fidel Amos)

This photoshoot presented me with a tiny bit of a challenge however.


(Photo: Fidel Amos)

The two people I photographed were not professional models or a couple…they were simply friends that I asked to come and shoot for me.


(Photo: Fidel Amos)

It’s wonderful to see the “progression of comfort”. In a few of the photos one can notice a slight hint of nervousness or an adaptation to the scenario.


(Photo: Fidel Amos)

Over the course of the day however, that level of comfort opened up, and it shows in the remaining photos…


(Photo: Fidel Amos)

Thanks for helping me out Gaia and Roy.

– F

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