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“The Homeless Delhi Girl…”

I shot this from the backseat of a taxi while on assignment in Delhi, India.

(photo: Fidel Amos)

(photo: Fidel Amos)

This little girl was weaving in and out of the traffic that had stopped for a red light…she was begging for money and food. Not visible in this photo, her legs were dirty and her feet were shoeless. I remember thinking to myself how in the United States, a young person with her look might model, or do television commercials.

But in her country, in her city, she was just another street kid with no hope for a real future.

– F


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“When In India…”

They say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”…a saying I’ve tried to adhere to in every city in every country I’ve ever visited. To truly experience a culture (especially as a  photographer) one must allow oneself to become immersed entirely, to try new things, to fit in.

Often times in my travels I’ve noticed foreigners in other countries acting like, well, foreigners. More specifically I see Americans abroad complaining that it’s too hot, or too cold, or too dirty. They walk around upset because they can’t find a McDonald’s, Burger King or Budweiser. In my opinion, finding myself in a country lacking the “comforts of home” is exactly the reason I went to that country in the first place! Tasting the local cuisine, walking the streets and soaking up the essences that make that particular country what it is…that’s what traveling is all about.

…and that is exactly why on assignment in Delhi, India, I found myself meditating, yoga style, for the first time ever.


I can’t wait to go back.

– F

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