“The Homeless Delhi Girl…”

I shot this from the backseat of a taxi while on assignment in Delhi, India.

(photo: Fidel Amos)

(photo: Fidel Amos)

This little girl was weaving in and out of the traffic that had stopped for a red light…she was begging for money and food. Not visible in this photo, her legs were dirty and her feet were shoeless. I remember thinking to myself how in the United States, a young person with her look might model, or do television commercials.

But in her country, in her city, she was just another street kid with no hope for a real future.

– F


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2 responses to ““The Homeless Delhi Girl…”

  1. Marisa Amos

    I hope one day you’ll be able to travel the world and show us the beauty that there is in it, dirty feet and all.

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