“Crazy Little Thing Called Love…”

I’ve seen so many people in my life telling so many others that they “loved” them. I’ve heard folks say they “love” their dogs, their cars and their TV shows. I’ve seen celebrities, athletes and superstars telling crowds of thousands of fans they have never even met that they “love” them.

I’ve even been in relationships where someone has “loved” me at first sight, only to bail on me the moment times got a little tough. I’ve witnessed so many fickle, meaningless, trivial uses of the word “love” that I myself have often wondered about whether or not I knew the true definition of the word.

And then I take one look at my daughter and I realize that I know EXACTLY what love is. It’s that feeling in my soul that lets me know I would do anything for her. It’s that emotional punch in the gut I feel when she’s sad, sick or in pain.

….it’s that indescribable, unavoidable, overwhelming feeling of pure bliss that washes over me when she says “I love you daddy”.

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