“Tom Cruise? Scientologist. Me? Christian. We still had a chat.”

I met Tom Cruise recently.
I mean, I meet a LOT of people everyday, and I meet a LOT of celebrities every day too…but I met Tom Cruise.

Maverick. Ethan Hunt. Les Grossman. Frank TJ Mackey. Jerry Maguire. Cole Trickle.


A few things that came to mind upon meeting Tom Cruise:

He really is a short guy.

He’s really got a huge smile.
He’s a Scientologist.
Maybe if I stand too close to him, I’LL turn into a Scientologist too.
Wow…he really IS a short guy.

But you know what? I know a LOT of Scentologists. And I know a LOT of short guys. And hell, I’VE got a huge smile too.

All I saw was a guy who shook my hand when he met me.

He grinned that ‘Cocktail’ grin. He stood there in a pool of $20 mil-a-movie confidence and said:
“Fidel, huh? Hi, I’m Tom.”

I know your name Maverick.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

Nice meeting you too.

(Pointing at my co-worker and I) “Are you guys leaving..?”

Actually yeah, we’re just getting off work, so I’m outta here..! I figured if you and Katie were leaving, the party’s GOTTA be over, no..?

“Ha! Guess so! Well it was nice meeting you again Fidel, thanks again for all your help tonight. You guys were fantastic, and everything was great. Goodnight.”

I know a liar (I’ve lied), and I know an actor (I’ve acted)…and this guy wasn’t doing either. There were no cameras, no tape recorders, no Boy Scout with a No 2 pencil and a pad trying to earn his Journalism merit badge. He didn’t dance on any furniture. He didn’t save any babies. He didn’t preach Scientology (if he did, I would have Last Samurai’d him).

He simply took his wife Katie by her waist, he said “Ok” to his security of 4 armed men (who I’m sure are, were, or are gonna be officers of the law) and he made his way…well…to wherever he was making his way to.

Goodnight Maverick.

– F

PS. Talk to me Goose.


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2 responses to ““Tom Cruise? Scientologist. Me? Christian. We still had a chat.”

  1. Corky

    You know, you don’t see to many people these days who love what they do. It’s really inspiring to see what you have created because after all, I am a fan of creativity and inspiration. Love it dog, keep doing what your doing!


  2. JC

    But c’mon and be fair-

    you are too freeeeakin’ tall to ever be able to call anyone short (and 3 Xs!) with impunity!!


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