“It May Be A S.M.A.R.T. Car, But It Doesn’t LOOK Like One!”

“As most of you know, the US has recently been invaded by a teeny, tiny, non-gas guzzling car called the SMART.
(aka: Swatch Mercedes Art)”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m Earth-Conscious and all, but this thing’s dispicably tiny, can barely reach 70 mph, and would probably explode into a million pieces if hit by anything else…I was totally against the silly little thing…”

“…and then my mother sent me THESE pictures in an email!”

The Smerrari

The Smaudi A3, AWD
The Smorsche
The Smorvette
“Now that my eyes have been opened to it’s vast array of cosmetically enhanced appearances, I definitely want one!”
“Perhaps a Smamborghini…!!!!!!!!!!”
– F


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4 responses to ““It May Be A S.M.A.R.T. Car, But It Doesn’t LOOK Like One!”

  1. with gas being what it is..who cares what it looks like ..its the milage that counts..we should start importing european small cars..they are practical and gas saving and they have lived with high gas prices for so long that looks arn’t important..but efficient!!!..screw the looks!!


  2. jA

    OMG! You’ve killed me! You know I am a sucker, a S U C K E R for teeny, tiny cars! And now they are cute, slick and sexy too??
    I’m gonna go friggin’ bankrupt now!!!

    This is gonna totally be your fault! Why couldn’t you guys have just sold me the Festiva while I was in love…?

    Mama-Amos…. Save me from myself!


  3. Angie

    Do you really think you would fit in one of those? 😉


  4. Hah! Cute as hell, Fidel. I want one, too. Wondering how much one of those kits cost, though…checked that out? Must be a breeze to park one, huh?


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