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The President: “To Respect Or Not To Respect?”

Well ladies and gentlemen, the hour is upon us.

In just a few weeks our country will be voting on its next President. I promised myself I wouldn’t begin writing on this particular subject matter…mostly because I think it’s a controversial topic of discussion, quick to pit friends and family members against one another and I hardly have the desire or time to argue with my readers. The other reason I have for not wanting to open the proverbial “can of worms” that is political conversations is the simple fact that there are hundreds of issues to discuss regarding politics. There are multiple candidates to choose from, numerous positions and stands that each of them represents, bills and laws to concur with that each of them may or may not pass…not to mention the moral, religious, economical, judiciary and scholastic views they represent.

…but I digress.

One area of the political world I would like to quickly rant on is the bad-mouthing, poo-flinging and general disrespect I constantly see hurled in the direction of the office of the President of this country. I remember when the title of Commander In Chief deserved a salute or a handshake, regardless of one’s political opinion or vote. I remember when this country used to respect the office of the President of the United States simply because it was what it was.

Now we have millionaire, attention-hungry windbags like Donald Trump throwing money at it like it’s a street whore.

I’m not saying that I’m a fan (or not) of our current President, or even the one before him. (As I mentioned earlier, I’ll keep who I did and didn’t vote for to myself…no arguments for me today) It just seems to me that all we ever do as Americans now is curse the President, talk about him on television, berate him with signs in our front yards and now publicly offer him money to do something just because we feel it should be done. Perhaps it’s my “old school” way of thinking, but the President is not some “friend of ours”. He’s not some clown who’s paid to be laughed at. He’s not some showgirl or pole-dancer on a platform showing skin for dollars.

He’s the President.

It’s true we can think what we want about him as obviously not all of us voted for him, but when we start to do these “public finger-pointing sessions” I have to admit it really breaks my heart as an American. I can’t imagine someone calling their boss (or their spouse’s boss) names on Facebook. I can’t imagine someone calling their parents (or their friend’s parents) something other than sir or m’am in public. I can’t imagine someone trash-talking a general, veteran or Supreme Court judge to their faces. Why? Because I believe their title earns them a certain amount of respect publicly regardless of how they may feel about them privately. Yet, the leader of our country, the one person we as American should at least treat like a human being when we come across him…gets spit on metaphorically and belittled verbally as if he were our worst enemy.

It’s sad, pathetic and I’m vehemently opposed to it.

We should know better than that America…and we should be ashamed of ourselves.


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“A Quick Bit Of Facebook Advice.”


We’ve all heard the warnings. We all know someone that has a sad story to tell. We’ve all almost become victims ourselves and probably didn’t even realize it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about Facebook privacy.

I don’t want to spend too much time discussing it, but I do want to quickly touch upon one of the areas that would save a lot of you a lot of potentially embarrassing situations. An area that goes hand in hand with my day to day activities: your Facebook photos.

Your Facebook photos can be set in a way so that only the people that are your Facebook friends can see them. You’ve probably acquired tons of them over the years and chances are you don’t want strangers seeing half of them because you’re drinking, throwing up a finger, looking fatter than usual, just waking up or are in some other way being inappropriate. You can hide most of them to the general public by selecting each individual album and setting it from “Public” to “Friends”. This can also be done with the album “Profile Pictures”.

Take my advice…do this.

* Note: Changing these particular settings won’t save you if your boss is your Facebook friend. *

* Secondary Note: Know who your Facebook friends are! *

Your “Cover Photos” however, must remain set to “Public”. This is a general Facebook default setting that can’t be changed. So these are the pictures that the entire planet can see no matter what you do. Make these your cool, impressive, sexy, orphan-saving, churchgoing, non-smoking/drinking/tongue out photos. That way when you apply for a job, start dating someone new, or get stalked by your parents… won’t look like a total a**.

Here’s one final piece of advice for those of you who desire to be truly Facebook savvy. The albums in your page can also be set to “Custom”. There are varying degrees of “Custom”, ranging anywhere from “Only Me”, to only someone in a certain group. If you really must post photos of a party that got a tad ‘outta hand’ and you have no other way to get photos to everyone at that party. Simply create an album, change it to “Custom”, then add the names of the individuals at the party one by one. However, if they tag themselves, then all of their friends will be able to see them in that particular photo. Other than that, only your party will be able to see exactly what went on ‘the night before’.


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